Peristaltic Pumps For Paper & Pulp Transfer

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Paper & Pulp Transfer Pumps

High quality paper, coupled with lower production costs, is the formula for profitable paper making. Accurate and reliable metering of additives and colors is a necessity for today’s successful paper maker.

Our peristaltic pumps for paper & pulp transfer provide confidence and offer cost savings through:

  • Accurate and repeatable dosing and metering
  • Long life and greater reliability
  • Self-priming
  • Dry-running without any damage to the pump
  • Quick and easy peristaltic pump maintenance
  • Lowest total cost of ownership

alh125 for pulp paper

Typical Peristaltic Pump Applications in the Paper & Pulp Transfer Process

  • Metering dyes, sizing agents, retention aids, optical brightening, biocide, phosphoric acid, soda ash, sodium hypochlorite and sodium nitrite solution
  • Adding and transferring coatings, green liquor and black liquor soap, alum, latex, glue, acids and alkalis, polymer, ink, kaolin, lime slurry and titanium dioxide

Why Choose Albin Pump Industrial Hose Pumps for Your Paper & Pulp Transfer Needs?

  • Self-priming and dry-running - It is not always possible to position a pump in the ideal location and often self-priming and dry running performance is required. These conditions can cause wear in traditional pumps, resulting in loss of performance and premature failure. Our peristaltic pumps can self-prime up to 31 feet and run dry indefinitely.
  • Lowest cost of ownership with quick and easy maintenance - Leakage, clogging or blockage of traditional positive displacement pumps which incorporate seals, valves, lobes, rotors or vanes can be a regular occurrence and expensive to rectify. Our peristaltic pumps contain the fluid in a tube or hose, requiring only one component to be changed, which means that maintenance costs are considerably lower than other pump types. Increased plant productivity and lower repair costs means pump payback is over months rather than years.
  • Accurate and repeatable dosing and metering - Paper coloring and tinting requires repeatable pump control for accurate addition of dyes and brighteners. Many traditional positive displacement pumps deliver varying flow rates, resulting in scrapped product and increased costs. Our pumps are accurate up to ±0.5% across their total speed range, with the additional benefit of process control capabilities, which enables easy installation. Less waste means increased profits.