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ALHP Inline Pulsation Dampeners

Pulsation is created by the peristaltic pump functioning principle. The rubber hose in the pulsation dampener adapts its volume to compensate pulsation and provide a smooth flow to the discharge line.

The Albin Pump ALHP inline pulsation dampener will reduce vibration and water hammer in your piping, thereby increasing the hose life.

This is achieved by means of a thick-walled, reinforced rubber hose, which is mounted in a carbon steel, cylindrical pressure vessel. The hose is surrounded by compressed air (nitrogen when ATEX equipped).

The Albin Pump ALHP inline pulsation dampener can cut up to 90% of the pulsation created by the pump.

ALHP pulsation dampeners are available in four sizes to cover ALH pumps from ALH25 to ALH125.