Peristaltic Pumps For Processing & Transfer In The Food & Beverage Industry

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Food Grade Peristaltic Pumps

The food and beverage industry faces many challenges in their manufacturing processes. This industry demands pumps that can provide gentle but reliable pumping action that can meet their highest quality and hygienic standards.

Albin Pump peristaltic hose pumps provide superior performance for handling low shear sensitive food products and offers accurate and repeatable metering for additives, flavorings, and colorings and viscous products containing solids.

Albin Pump can offer hygienic food grade hoses in EPDM FDA, NBR FDA and NR FDA and meet FDA expectations. Also available is the unique ALH CIP pump that has a patent pending designed pump-wheel that will allow the pressing shoes to retract (not to compress the pump) for an efficient clean in place process when required.


  • Bakery Industry
  • Natural flavorings, fats, liquid sweeteners and frostings
  • Dough/mixture (i.e. fruit cake has nuts and fruit pieces that need to stay whole) and batters
  • Pie fillings (fruit)
  • Breweries
  • Superior handling of yeast and additives without damage, low shear action
  • Beer slurries
  • Diatomaceous earth for yeast (removal) filtration
  • Pitching and dosing additives and flavorings – Accuracy to 0.5% and 99% repeatability
  • Wineries
  • Superior handling of yeast and additives without damage, low shear action
  • Diatomaceous earth for yeast (removal) filtration
  • Filter press feed
  • Food Processing
  • Olive oil, tomato sauce, potato pulp, sugar (sugar production – removal & recovery in molasses)
  • Abrasive & viscous potato slurries (containing viscous and abrasive potato peelings high concentrations of solids, dirt, grit and sand), gelatins
  • Casseroles, stews, and meat fillings
  • Effluent and Waste Treatment
  • Filter press feed
  • Chemical dosing
  • Waste transfer

peristaltic pumps for food applications