Safest, Simplest & Smartest: Cased-drive benchtop tubing pumps now available


After months of development and research, Albin Pump is proud to announce the launch of its new patented dosing benchtop range! The KB & KM ranges are ideal for dosing applications in chemical and water treatment processes.

More Features & Benefits of the new KB & KM Series:

  • Next generation safety features:
    • A patent-pending offset rotor assembly releases tube compression during maintenance
    • Tube changes do not require users to manipulate the tube while rotor is turning
    • Offset rotor allows drain and flush of tube prior to removal
  • A best-in-class user experience featuring one-button switching between local and remote operation
  • No need for complex, multi-step menu navigation each time a mode change is required
  • Basic pumps with local control, with an optional upgrade to include remote control protocols such as SCADA, Modbus, Profinet, and more
  • KM Series pumps feature 10,000:1 turndown, NSF-61 certification (pending), and a 5-year warranty

KB is a robust and versatile peristaltic metering pump for high-precision dosing in water treatment or wastewater treatment applications.

Watch This Helpful Animation to See How Peristaltic Metering Pumps Work