High Pressure Peristaltic Pump Replacement Hoses

Explore replacement hose options for the ALH High Pressure Hose Pump.

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Albin Pump has worked to perfect reinforced hoses for high pressure peristaltic pumps. Our hoses are specifically designed to last longer and perform better than the competition, resulting in less maintenance and down time for you.

Best in Class High Pressure Hose Construction

Albin Pump peristaltic pump replacement hoses are made with the highest quality compound rubber – the right hardness in combination with the right number of inner reinforcement layers and above all the non-machining of the external surface. This is probably the most important feature in order to improve the lubrication of the hose. The lubricant has a better grip on the hose, causing less friction and lower heat buildup between the shoe and the hose, resulting in a longer hose life.

Our optimal hose characteristics are achieved through the right number of inner reinforcement layers. We offer between 2 and 6 inner reinforcement layers. depending on the size of the hose.

At Albin Pump, we are on a constant mission to reduce hose wear. Our engineers are fully involved in this important work and have achieved a hose that today lasts approximately 30% longer than any other hose on the market.

Available in 7 Rubber Qualities and 16 Sizes to Fit Your Needs

Albin Pump replacement hoses are available in 7 different rubber compounds and in 16 sizes to ensure compatibility with a wide range of applications and most available hose pumps on the market. Color coding on each hose makes it easy to identify the material of construction.

Our ALH peristaltic pump hoses accept a maximum working pressure of 16 bar (232 PSI).

Our peristaltic pump hoses are available in different lengths interchangeable with most major competitive pumps. Once retrofitted with an Albin Pump hose, competitive pumps reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to an extended runtime between hose failures.

ALH Replacement Hoses