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The ALHX65 high pressure hose pump is here

The ALHX65 is the newest hose pump in the Albin Pump portfolio. The ALHX65 combines all features and advantages of our flagship ALH high pressure pump.

The ALHX65 uses high quality materials to increase run time and reduce maintenance for end users. The assortment of hose materials ensures that Albin Pump has a solution for even the most demanding applications.

The ALHX65 high pressure hose pump has a more compact footprint compared to competitive pumps in the same performance range. The result is a hose pump with a higher operating range. The flow range is 8 m3/h (35 GPM) to 17 m3/h (75 GPM). The pressure capability is between 0 and 15 bar (220 PSI)*.


ALHX65 high pressure hose pump front view

Similar to other pumps in the Albin Pump portfolio, the ALHX65 has been designed with ease of maintenance in mind:

  • This hose pump comes equipped with a built-in drain valve to easily drain lubricant without the risk of contamination.
  • The crescent-shaped window on the cover allows for shimming, while eliminating mandatory lubricant draining during the process.
  • Minimal tools are needed during the quick and simple hose replacement process. This change-out process is consistent with other ALH pumps.

The ALHX65 pump design emphasizes quality and durability:

  • The casing, wheels, and shoes of the pump are made from premium quality GS400 ductile iron. GS400 ductile iron has improved mechanical strength and impact resistance.
  • C4 heavy-duty paint enables better corrosion resistance, even in the harshest industrial environments.
  • The ALHX65 welded frame provides necessary rigidity, while ensuring a lighter weight design overall.
  • Material options for connections and fittings are preferred in industrial environments.

The new ALHX65 hose pump offers a compact and competitive solution for medium to high flow applications, such as:

  • Lime milk transfer or lime slurry transfer
  • Sludge removal
  • Filter press feeding
  • Thickener underflow
  • Well dewatering
  • Truck or tank unloading

ALHX65 high pressure hose pump side view

The ALHX65 pump has been designed to extend hose life and increase total cost of ownership. Albin Pump offers seven hose materials for the ALHX65 that are able to pump a wide range of aggressive and viscous media.

The ALHX65 peristaltic pump is able to run dry and reverse flow. The starting torque is lower than competitive pumps operating in the same range. There are no mechanical seals or valves. The only components that come into contact with the media are the hose and fittings, which are available in a wide range of materials.

Its robust construction makes the new ALHX65 pump ideal for harsh environments. Common industries are mining and quarries, ceramics, water and wastewater treatment, as well as chemical processing and food and beverage applications.**

*The pump’s recommended operating range could vary based on application and fluid pumped. Contact us with any questions to ensure correct pump selection.

**Typically recommended for non-food or food waste applications