Water treatment and wipes

Taking into account the current health situation which impacts each one of us, ALBIN PUMP remains mobilized and committed to all those who allow us to live during this unprecedented period. This pandemic has forced us to change our habits and take new ones. Physical distancing, barrier gestures and the trivialized use of masks, hydroalcoholic gel and disinfecting wipes.

All water treatment professionals know that these wipes are problematic when they pass through the pumps . ALBIN PUMP peristaltic technology is THE solution to remedy this problem. Our ALH and ALP pump ranges do not suffer any damage by the passage of these wipes which are only in contact with the inside of the hose. Moreover, the ability of our pumps to pass large solids is a considerable asset for the protection of the pumps. The whole ALBIN PUMP team is at your disposal to inform you, guide you and guide you in the choice of its products exclusively made in France.